Same words but Different Meaning

Hahahaa...Ni pelajaran ukhra di kampus.. Biar nggak lupa dan jadi bermanfaat, lebih baik di share kan..hehe.. Pelajarannya tentang beberapa susunan kata yang mirip tapi kalo diartikan harus dilihat dulu, bisa - bisa meaningny berbeda..OK..check it out !!

1. In case of and In the case of

a. In case of (Jika ada)

Examples :
- In case of accident, you can call 911
- I must bring the second one key, in case of locked door again

b. In the case of (bicara soal)

Examples :
- In teh case of my pets, I will never forgive you when you burnt it all
- I will approve you to be my friend and in the case of yerterday, I will forget it

2. By the name of and In the name of

a. By the name of (yang bernama)

Examples :
- The man by the name of Watt was a inventor
- The woman by the name of Jane will be my daughter in law

b. In the name of (atas nama)

Examples :
- In the name of his mother, he will kill all of man in this town if his wife marry with another guys
- In the name of love, they will loyal one another

3. In favor of and In favor with

a. In favor of (mendukung)

Examples :
- All of prisoner in favor of the Governor to move their prison to Hawaii
- All of people in the world are in favor of Obama to give freedom to Iraq

b. In favor with (disukai)

Examples :
- If you want to be in favor with your friends, you must change your attitude
- You can be in favor with freaks if your style like that !

4. In posession of and In the posession of

a. In posession of (memiliki)

Examples :
- I was not in posession of best proof when the police arrested me
- They were not in posession of trustworthy explanation when they were caught by people when they
burnt a house

b. In the posession of (milik)

Examples :
- This diamond is in the posession of yours
- Is this undershort in the posession of yours

5. At the point of and In the point of

a. At the point of (puncak)

Examples :
- My brother is at the point of his succes
- At the point of the day that her parents will come to her house, she always eat many than before

b. In the point of (hampir)

Examples :
- I was in the point of going to top of Krakatau whe the earthquake happened
- He was in the point of marriage when his father is at the point of his dad

6. At the time of and in the time of

a. At the time of (ketika)

Examples :
- At the time of I entered VOA, the building of PCR was collapsed
- My family and I went to mosque at the time of our house was burning

b. In the time of (ketika-past)

Examples :
- She was very happy in the time of her mother still in this town
- He was rich in the time of his company still exist

Itu dulu contohnya, kalo ada yang kurang berkenan, mohon diperbaiki, maklum buatan sendiri.. hehe

Make it better !

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